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- Emergency Blanket
 84"x52" reflects 90% of your body heat back to you.  Wind proof and water proof.
 The emergency blanket can be used as a signaling device due to its reflectivity, along with using it in your lean to as the ceiling for a water barrier and heat reflector.  

- Matches
  Used for fire starting and signal device due to its silver reflective cover.  The QR code on the back brings smart phone users directly to our web site for Stay Alive/Survival Tips.

-  Fire Striker
   Designed for over 1,000 strikes with sparks at 3,000 °F (2,760°C).  Notice the silver reflective cover which can be used as a signaling device.  

- Fire Pad
This unique fire starter burns up to 10 inches tall and two inches across for 7-9 minutes.  Just tear half way into the pad and light.  If you have difficulty in lighting the pad, smear some petroleum jelly on it from your kit or use some fibers from the fire rope in your kit.

- Fire Rope
  Separates into three separate pieces and each piece separates more to give you fine fibers.  Add tinder (wood) the size of pencil lead, then kindling the size of a pencil and then fuel, the size of your thumb.  All this should be done on a dry platform, such as a rock.  The platform helps air flow into the fire and increases your chances of a successful "first light".  The platform also aids in preventing ground water molecules from getting your tinder wet.

- Fire Starting & Multiple Use Cotton Balls
  Petroleum jelly impregnated to aid in fire starting. Use on face for wind burn, chapped lips, helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns and common rashes.

- Silicone Bands
  These versatile silicone bands can be used as constricting bands in case of snake bite or used to build an A-Frame shelter.  To build an A-Frame shelter: First, smooth out a surface on the ground and pile leaves 6" thick creating a sleeping surface.  Gather 2 sticks the thickness of your wrist that come  up to your stomach in height. Hold the sticks together and place a band around the two sticks 3-4 inches from the end of the sticks.  Then, open the sticks creating a "V" at the top.  Place the end of a stick that is two foot taller than you onto the "V" notch.  Use other sticks to build the ribs of the A-Frame.  Pile leaves 2-3 feet thick creating an insulating barrier from the elements. With your heel, dig a trench around shelter for water runoff.

- Distress Whistle
  Blow in the whistle 3 times then wait a few seconds. Repeat two more times for a total set of three.      Using a whistle is one of the best methods for audible distress signaling.  Don't  shout.  A whistle can be heard over a mile away where your voice can only be heard a few hundred feet.  

- Signal Mirror Card
  Made with illustration directions on the back along with our QR code for reference to survival techniques on our website.  Flash an aircraft and sweep the horizon to signal for help.  This card is excellent for scraping splinters and bee stingers out of the skin.  

- Metal Container
  Polished and reflective used for; signaling device, cooking apparatus,  water purifying vessel, digging and moving hot coals, etc.  

- Knife
  Small, lightweight compact serrated and straight edge.  This knife is small and meant for fine work in a bind but very effective for field use.

- Candies
  When you need sugar for instant energy and comforting flavor.

- Light Sticks
  For severe darkness when you can't see your hand in front of your face. These light sticks are surprisingly bright and give off enough glow for what you need to do at night.  

- Bouillon Cube
  Soothing treat with great salt replenishment.  Boil for 10 minutes (if your water is not purified) or until dissolved if your water is purified.

- Elastic Hair Band
  During fire making, hair in your way can be hazardous and annoying.  Can be used as a constricting   band for bites and wounds, along with keeping a small bundle of kindling and tinder together and dry.

- Pain Reliever
  Great for fighting aches and pains.  

- Bandages 1"x3"
  For those small but irritating and painful cuts, burns and stings. Usually minor wounds stop bleeding on their own. If they don't, apply pressure direct to the wound with a non-stick pad or gauze pad until it stops.
- Bandages 3"x4"
  Great for covering abrasions and burns.

- Triple Antibiotic Ointment
   Potential to significantly reduce the risk of infection on minor open wounds. Do not use in eyes.

- Butterfly Closures
  Designed to bring wide open wound edges together.

- Sting Relief Wipe
  If a stinger is present, attempt to remove it by scraping it off with the edge of the signal mirror card.     DO NOT PINCH IT OR USE TWEEZERS.  Remove jewelry from around affected area due to possible swelling.  Wipe generously with Sting Relief Wipe, apply triple antibiotic ointment and cover with bandage.

- Mole Skin 4"x3"
  1.  Cut a square piece of moleskin large enough to extend  ½" beyond the outer edges of the blister.
  2.  Bend the moleskin in half, adhesive side down. Use the size of the blister as a reference then cut a semi-circle out of the center of the folded end of the moleskin. Result: square piece of moleskin with a hole in the center.
  3.  Test that the size of the hole in the moleskin is correct. Gently lay the moleskin over the top of the blister. The circle should completely surround the blister without touching its edges. Remove the adhesive from the back of the moleskin. Attach the moleskin to the skin, adhesive side down.
- Anti-Diarrhea Medication
  Nothing is worse on the trail than stomach cramps and what may follow.  This medication should take  care of the problem.  If diarrhea persists and you're stuck in the wilderness/trail, build a fire and eat a thumb nail size of black ash/charcoal from fire with water.  The charcoal will stop the diarrhea.

   The Global Survival Industries Stay Alive Kits are designed for the user in mind.  The kit components  have multiple uses.

   Whether you are an extreme athlete or casual outdoors person, this kit is excellent for your needs in the unexpected    emergency situation where you need medical and survival equipment.

  The Global Survival Industries Athletes Kit is designed for ease of use, light weight, very compact and several products have   multiple uses.  Some items may be substituted for other brands due to inventory levels.  

3 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1"deep Approx. 8.5 oz wt.

Athletes Kit

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