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Severe acute pain may occur within minutes to hours of a centipede bite.  Other symptoms that can occur are swelling, redness along with swollen and painful lymph nodes, headache, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, anxiety.

The sign of a centipede bite are a pair of puncture wounds that appear to be inflamed.

Treatment:  Apply cold/ice to relieve pain. Use a 1% hydrocortisone (steroid cream) where inflammation is not related to secondary infection for 7 days.  Topical antibiotic lotion should be used on bites that have secondary infection.  Take ibuprophin (start Ibuprophin which is located in the Athletes Kit) for 7 days.

Monitor for infection (pain, crust, fever) or even blackening of the skin.  Consult physician if area persists in symptoms for more than three weeks or develops infection.  Evacuation is not necessary unless infection persists such as signs of death of most or all of the cells in tissue due to the injury or failure of the blood supply to the affected area is evident and/or inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissue occurs.  

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Centipede Bite