Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Emergency Actions

Remember the STOP principles. Sit - Think - Observe - Plan

When you are disoriented (lost) or stranded, do not give into panic by walking or running your way out of your situation. It’s time to think and not simply react.

Sit - Doing this will stop you from wandering farther and this will help you start your logical thought process of what you need to do next.

Think - Your most powerful tool in staying alive is your mind. Think about previous training you may have had and how to implement it. Conserve energy. Vanquish fear and panic. You are in control, act like it.

Observe - Once you are calm, look around and look for options. What supplies do you have? What do your surroundings offer, such as shelter, fuel for fire, water, areas good for signaling rescue?

Plan - Prioritize the basic needs.

1. First Aid, if needed.

2. Shelter; near an open area or your vehicle

3. Fire; have 12 armloads of wood for a night.

4. Signal; be ready to signal and have backups to your signals.

5. Water and food.

Conserve energy - Get comfortable

Live Life - Stay Alive - Never Give Up

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