Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Vehicle, Stranded in Summer/Extreme Heat Conditions

•    Tip   If your vehicle is off the pavement, you can lay under your vehicle to get out of the sun and heat.  However, if your vehicle is on pavement, the heat of the pavement can radiate to you and can cause higher temperature for you internally.

I have used the Mainstay Food Rations and I like them.  They taste like lemon.  Personally, I have not had problems with the sealed packages  staying sealed.

Of course different climate areas can mean different intensities on whether you experience extreme heat, humidity, temperature variances, insects, varmints etc.  Your insurance company may provide roadside assistance or AAA is recommended.  We recommend the following items to carry with you in your vehicle in case your vehicle is rendered inoperable.

The following list is items per person:
Water, one gallon, minimum
Nuts and grains, bag  
Food bars, emergency type
Candies – Lemmon drops especially

The following is a list per vehicle:
Sharp knife
Fully charged cell phone
Cell phone charger
Tarp, blue
Bungee cords
Emergency blanket
Wool blanket, 1 per two people
Orange VS-17 Military style signal panel marker

Water- In extremely hot environments the sweat loss can surpass 1.5 quarts/liters per hour. Nutrition from food intake, such as sodium and glucose, along with the consumption of water provides sodium and other nutrients the body uses to effectively combat heat stress.

Nuts, grains emergency food bards - provides protein, essential fats and complex carbohydrates. There are several high energy food bars on the market that have a 5 year shelf life, no matter what the storage temperature is. They are excellent for vehicle and emergency kits which will be stored in changing and hot temperatures.  The Mainstay and Datrex ration bars can resist the heat and temperature changes.  However, try a food bar type such as Datrex and see how well you digest it.  These food bars are LOADED in calories and may be difficult for some people to digest.  Try to live off of the food bar for a few days.  If one food bar doesn’t work for you, then try another type.  Once you know the food bar you can handle, purchase that food bar in bulk, or how many you may need.  As of recent, it has been reported that the Datrex food bar has had issues with staying sealed in its wrapper.  Other food bars which are up and coming are the Millenium and Mayday brands.
Umbrella - for sun protection. Standing or walking in 95 degree heat can be as life threatening for some as being caught out in the cold.

Sharp knife - can be used to cut seat material for needed padding outside the vehicle if necessary.

Cell phone - a fully charged cell phone with a cell phone charger is recommended.

Tarp & bungee cords - can be used as a side shelter to the vehicle to keep you out of the sun.  Blue has been known to be the most effective color to reduce UV rays.  Your vehicle can act as an oven attracting heat and reducing air flow, so you need to be out of your vehicle under sun shelter and where you can feel the most air flow.

Emergency blanket - can work well in shielding you from the sun especially in conjunction with the tarp for shelter.  If you place the emergency blanket on the top of the tarp facing skyward, it can reflect additional heat away from you and act as a beacon such as a mirror signal to aircraft.
Wool blanket – wool is the only natural material that can be wet and still hold its insulation properties.  Therefore, keeping you warm.  If cotton is wet, it wicks heat away from you 25 times faster than if you didn’t have anything on at all.  When you need to cool down cotton is good.  But if you need to stay warm in the evenings, make sure your cotton clothing is dry and as clean as possible.

Candles - In the evening, temperatures can dip low especially if you are in the desert.  A lit candle can aid in keeping your vehicle warm if needed.  Don’t forget to use your wool blanket at night too when needed.  

Matches/lighter - good for lighting your candles and a fire if needed or wanted.

Orange VS-17 Military style signal panel marker - The VS-17 Signal Panel is a very durable 400 Denier, 100% Nylon with a water repellent backing. It is bright fluorescent orange to attract attention of either airborne or ground search teams. The military type signal panels have a pink side and an orange side.  It is very difficult to locate the actual military signal panels now, however the civilian signal panels are very effective to use as an aerial or ground marker to mark locations of those in distress.  Due to its water resistant properties, it can also be used as a small survival shelter.  Typically the VS-17 panel is only 6" x 9" x 1 1/2" (packaged) and 57 1/2" x 23 1/2" (deployed).