Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

    a. Thirst
    b. Dry/chapped lips
    c. Dark urine
    d. Weakness
    e. Fatigue
    f. Dizziness
    g. Headache

     a. Avoid sweating
    b. Rest as much as possible
    c. Keep talking to a minimum
    d. Breath through nose
    f. Eat as little as possible or not at all. Eating pulls fluids from vital organs to digest food
    g. Do not sit or lie on heated surfaces or hot ground
    h. Stay out of the sun, stay in shade
    i. Don't smoke
    j. Don't eat snow or ice

Dehydration, signs and symptoms

Keep the Valuable Fluids You Have!

  In the best circumstances human beings can       survive only for three to four days without water.    Being in a hot weather environment can make that time even less.  Add heavy physical activity and the situation becomes more extreme.

  If you don’t have a water purification system then alternate means of disinfecting your drinking water are crucial.  

Water Procurement