Mole Skin

Container, Metal  5  9/16" x 4 1/4" x 1 3/4"

Ibuprophin  200mg, 2 per pkt. 2 Pkts

Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly Impregnated 2 ea  

Signal Card

Emergency Ration Food Bars 2400+ Calorie 3 ea  

Silicone Bands 2 ea

Emergency Blanket 2 ea  

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Poncho

Stove, Esbit Type Pocket , Cooking, Incl 3 fuel tabs.

Esbit Type 14 gr.Solid Fuel Tablets 3 ea  

Emergency (Survival) Water Pouches 8 ea

Sting Relief Wipes

Sunscreen Towellette, SPF 30+ 8x10" 3 ea

Fire Cord  4 ea  

Triple Antibiotic Ointment 5 ea

Fire Pad   4 ea  

Watch cap, Orange

Fire Striker

Whistle, Pealess

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  When disaster strikes, don't be scared, be prepared with the Global Survival Industries (GSI) Gold  Bug Out Pack. 

  At GSI we believe in redundancy of components which gives the victim of circumstance not only better odds of surviving a bad situation, but helps in comfort until rescue or in reaching their destination.

Back Pack

550 Cord, 50' 1 Roll  

Flashlight, LED, High/low beam, strobe, SOS signal 1 ea

GI 1 Qt Canteen

GI Qt Canteen Cup

GI 1 Qt Canteen Cover

Band Aids 1"x3" 5 ea  

Band Aids 3"x 4"  2 ea 

Bouillon Cube 6 ea  

GSI Lip Balm

BugX Towellets 2 ea  

Anti Diarrhea  Caplets 2 ea

Butterfly Closures 3 ea  

Knife, 1" Blade

Knife, 3-4" Blade, Folding. Free Gift

Candy, Lemmon Drop 5 ea  

Candy, Lifesaver 5 ea  

Light. Sticks,Green,Yellow,Orange 2 of each color for total of 6

Candy, Lifesaver Roll

GSI Matches 1 bk

CHLOR-FLOC, Water Purification, Treats 33 Qts. 30 Pkts  

Gold Bug Out Pack Components

Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles
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Gold Bug Out Pack

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