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Pine tree sap, pine tree, pitch, pine tree pitch, pine tree fire starting, sap
Pine tree, pine tree sap, pine tree pitch, pine tree fire starting, how to start fire with pine tree, sap

1.  Green Pine tree needles make great vitamin C tea.

2.  Pine tree needles make excellent bedding to sleep on.  I like to use about 6" deep.

2.  Boil the bark for tannin tea, apply cooled tea with compress to insect stings.

3.  Pull the outer bark off and scrape top layer of wood for starch laden food.

4.  Collect a lump of dried sap called pitch.  This is excellent starter fuel for fire.

5.  Nuts from green pine cones.  Excellent protein source.  Must knock green pine cones out of tree.

6.  Scrape the sap/pitch from the pine tree and place in a metal container.  Press the sap/pitch into the container until the container is full.  Light the sap/pitch at night.  The odor will deter insects, and its glow will provide light.

7.  The sap/resin can be used as a waterproofing agent to water proof boots, mittens, or tent seams. Heat the resin in a container, and use the resin as glue while it is still hot. Adding ash dust from your fire to the hot resin can help strengthen its waterproofing qualities.

8.  Sometimes finding enough resin or sap on a pine tree for your needs can be challenging.  Just cut into the bark with a knife or sharp object.  Sap will seep out. Come back later to collect new sap as it oozes from the cut.

Pine Tree for Survival

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