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Being stranded in your vehicle, especially in a desolate area can be challenging even for the most experienced survival expert.  The weather plays a host of issues to be concerned with.  From rain, sleet, hail, snow or simply being too hot and dry has their challenges.  Therefore we recommend having the essentials + in your vehicle to not only aid in you and other occupants in your vehicle survival, but to be rescued as well.

We recommend having these items for winter weather conditions in your vehicle for the unforeseen circumstance;

At a minimum, have Global Survival Industries Roadster or Roadster Premium vehicle stay alive kit.

Winter Conditions

     Items to carry in vehicle

  •  wool blankets (wool will retain body head even when wet, cotton wicks body heat away at 25 times faster from a victim than if the victim didn’t have anything on at all).
  • Candles and a way to light them.
  • Food bars. Preferably high in complex carbohydrates and not so much in protein.  Protein takes more water to digest.
  • Tool kit with wrenches, ratchet and socket set, screw drivers, duct tape sirpentine belt for your vehicle model with sirpentine belt tool which gives leverage to adjusting the belt with the alternator.  Also include a shovel and traction bars/chains.
  • 2 rubber type home front door mats for traction for ice area to get out of if you cannot get your chains on.

Have the clothing to be dressed for the possible eventuality of being stranded in the middle of nowhere in the winter.  This doesn’t have to be bulky clothing.  Dress in layers of clothing that is designed to wick moisture away from your body.  Remember, cotton clothing will expedite heat loss of your body in cold temperatures. Check out our page on dress in the winter at

Try to keep your gas tank as full as possible and top it up when it gets to half full as you never know when you may have to spend the night in your vehicle.  If your situation of being stranded is not related to your engine, you will need the heater to run the heat. Check out our survival guide for the Roadster Premium which covers in depth strategies for vehicle survival in winter conditions at

Stranded in Your Vehicle, Winter Conditions