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Indicators of Rain

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  • A halo around the moon is a predictor of rain. This is from the bending of light as it passes through ice crystals and that crystal-type clouds (cirrostratus) are often what comes in front of an approaching storm.

  • Insects and Birds: They fly lower to the ground than normal when the air has a high amount of moisture; also birds huddling together is an indication of rain. Usually, the activity of insects increases before a storm, however, bee activity increases before fair weather.

  • "Red skies at night, sailors delight; red skies at morning, sailors take warning." When the morning sun turns the eastern sky crimson red it is a sign of stormy weather arriving.

  • "The farther the sight, the nearer the rain." When bad weather is close, the air pressure decreases and the atmosphere becomes clearer. When the air is dusty and stable this means fair weather.

                                                         Morning rainbow = soon heavy rainfall
                                                         Afternoon rainbow = unsettled weather
                                                         Evening rainbow = passing storm
                                                         Faint rainbow around sun = cold weather coming

  • When flowers seem a lot more fragrant, stormy weather most likely is approaching.
  • "When sounds are clear, rain is near." Sounds travel at a farther distance prior to storms.

  • The flowers of numerous types of plants, such as the dandelion, will close as humidity increases and rain is near.
  • In high mountain areas the rocks will "sweat" as humidity rises, which is an indication of rain in the near future.
  • Arthritic pain is common when humidity rises accompanied by falling pressures.

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