Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Remember your STOP principles. Sit - Think -Observe - Plan, when you are disoriented (lost) or stranded.
 There is a time when  you need to set up camp, and that time is not in the dark!  Setting up camp in the dark, along with fire building can be very difficult if not dangerous.  
You need to know how much daylight is left.

A quick field expedient method of measuring how much daylight is remaining:

     1.  Extend your hand at arm's length.
     2.  Position your fingers horizontally between the horizon and the sun.  
     3.  Each finger's width between the sun and the horizon is approximately 15 minutes before sunset.

Depending on the terrain and the environment, a good rule is to allow yourself an hour (one hand) to an hour and a half ( one hand and half of another hand distance) to set up your camp.  

You don't want to rush setting up your camp, this burns much needed calories  you will need for the night.  Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to prepare your camp.

Remaining Daylight Estimation