Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Hopefully you will never have to survive in your vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances.  But if you do, we have the kits for you.

A man was traveling with his 5 year old son on I-25 in the southern part of Colorado.  A snow plow blinded his vision and he slid off the interstate and down the embankment.  As other snow plows made their passes, it buried his vehicle deeper in snow.  He and his son were seen five days later by a passerby.  Fortunately, they had the proper equipment to keep them alive.  Our kits are not expensive and they can give you or a loved one a fighting chance in an unfortunate situation.

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Vehicle Survival

Roadster Kit

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Emergency Blanket
Light Sticks (3)
Candles (4)
Silicone bands, Restricting
Matches, Reflective Cover
Distress Whistle, Pea less, Metal
Signal Mirror Card w/Directions
Metal Container, Reflective

- Emergency Blanket

 84"x52" reflects 90% of your body heat back to you.  Wind proof and water proof.
 The emergency blanket can be used as a signaling device due to its reflectivity.

- Light Sticks
  For severe darkness when you can't see your hand in front of your face. These light sticks are surprisingly bright and give off enough glow for what you need to do at night.  

- Candles (6)
  Keep your vehicle cab warm for hours.

Good for cutting upholstery etc. in a tough vehicle survival situation

- Silicone Bands
  These versatile silicone bands can be used as constricting bands.

- Matches
  Used for fire starting and signal device due to its silver reflective cover.  The QR code on the back brings smart phone users directly to our web site for Stay Alive/Survival Tips.

- Distress Whistle
  Blow in the whistle 3 times then wait a few seconds. Repeat two more times for a total set of three.      Using a whistle is one of the best methods for audible distress signaling.  Don't  shout.  A whistle can be heard over a mile away where your voice can only be heard a few hundred feet.  

- Signal Mirror Card
  Made with illustration directions on the back along with our QR code for reference to survival techniques on our website.  Flash an aircraft and sweep the horizon to signal for help.  

- Metal Container
  Polished and reflective used for; burning candle container, signaling device, cooking apparatus,  water purifying vessel, digging and moving hot coals, etc.  

- Candies
  When you need sugar for instant energy and comforting flavor.