Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Shelter - A - Frame Construction

      1) Constructing the A-Frame shelter using Stay Alive Kit constricting bands
    a) Find two sticks double your thumb size in thickness that come to your chest in height.
    b) Find one stick approx 2 feet taller than your height.  This will rest in the notch of the two sticks.
    c) Smooth surface of the ground where you will sleep and place 12 inches of dry leaves for bedding.
    d) Wrap a constricting band around the first two sticks you gathered, 3-4 inches from the end.
    e) Open the two sticks and place the longer stick in the notch of the two sticks you just opened.
    f) This should look almost like a deformed tripod.
    g) Use smaller sticks the thickness of your finger to build ribs from the ground to the center stick.
    h) Pile leaves 2-3 feet thick over the A-Frame creating an insulating barrier from the elements.
2) Trenching
    a) If you don't have a shovel, try the heel of your shoe or boot to dig out a trench around your shelter approx 4-6 inches deep and trench it where it drains downhill naturally.  When it rains the trench allows water to run off away from your shelter to help keep you dry.

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