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A signal mirror is one of the furthest reaching, non-electronic signal methods. Properly aimed, a signal mirror can create a flash of daylight which can catch the attention of distant aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, or persons on foot.

It has been said that an aircraft pilot reported the signal from a mirror at 50,000 ft. altitude 70 miles away.

Most signal mirrors on the market have a sighting lens.  These are a little more bulky, weigh more and much more expensive than the Global Survival Industries (GSI) signal mirror cards.  The GSI signal mirror cards are lightweight, compact, and excellent for signaling daylight to rescuers.  

To use the signal mirror card;
1.    Peel off the protective plastic film over the mirror.
2.    Extend one hand and make a V symbol with your fingers. (This will be your aiming point toward an object).
3.    Reflect the light from the sun between your fingers making the V.
4.    Bounce the reflective sun “fireball” in between your V (fingers).
5.    Aim it toward your object, such as an aircraft, vehicle or horizon you wish to signal while bouncing the fireball in-between your V.

On the back of the card you will see an illustration of the signal mirror card in use.
There is a QR code on the signal mirror card and match book for reference to survival techniques on our website under the *Survival Solutions* tab.
This card is excellent for scraping bee stingers out of the skin along with splinters as well.  
Other items for reflective signaling in the GSI Survival Kits:

1.    Match Book Cover
2.    Fire Striker
3.    Kit Container
4.    Emergency Blanket

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Reflective Signaling for Rescue