Giel Boles, Giel S. Boles

Survival Fire Bed

                                             How to build a bed of coals from your fire to sleep on to keep you warm

The fire bed is an excellent technique to aid in keeping you warm in a survival situation.  When sleeping on the ground your body heat is pulled out of you.  This can cause hypothermia in more extreme situations, or just a terrible night’s sleep in less extreme situations.  The fire bed technique has saved many lives and can save yours as well.

                                                                                        How to Make the Survival Fire Bed

If the ground is soft enough, dig with your Wilderness or Athletes Stay Alive metal container.  Simply remove the lid and use the other half of your container as a digging tool.

  1.     Build a large fire until you have a large amount of coals to fill the trench approximately 2-2 ½ inches deep.  
  2.     Dig a trench slightly longer than your height and approximately 1-2 feet wide.  Dig down double the length of the metal container.  This will be 8 inches deep.
  3.    Place rocks in your trench up to 2 inches deep (if you have enough rocks available).  Use dry rocks if possible.  
  4.    Use your kit metal container to move the coals from the fire to your trench.  Coals will be placed on top of the rocks and be approximately 2-2 ½ inches deep.  
  5.    Cover coals with a minimum of 4 inches of dirt.  
  6.    Place six inches of dry leaves on top of your sleeping trench for extra insulation.  

  Remember to not work to where you start sweating.  This burns valuable calories and in cold conditions it can cause         hypothermic problems by getting your clothes wet.

                                                                                         HAVE A GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP!