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Giel Boles, winter driving, global survival industries, shopgsi,, snow bound, blizzard

Snow bound in your vehicle during a blizzard

Giel Boles, global survival industries, winter driving
trapped in snow, blizzard, trapped in snow by giel boles, giel boles, giel s boles, blizzard survival

If you are stuck in your vehicle during a blizzard, Take these actions:

Stay in your vehicle unless you see a building close by and you know you can take shelter in the building.
The problem with being in a vehicle in cold weather is the vehicle acts as a refrigerator or freezer.  Keep in mind your vehicle is made of thin metal which conducts cold quickly.  

1. Pile the snow onto your vehicle roof and around the body of your vehicle about 12 inches deep.  The snow will act as an insulator against the wind. The snow will be 32 degrees which is cold, but nothing like -20 degrees which may be the temperature outside your vehicle.   Keep the hood clear of snow so you can be seen by searchers.  

2.  Attach a bright orange strip of cloth to the antenna of your vehicle, if you have an external antenna.  

3.  Run your vehicle for 10-15 minutes at a time each hour.  You want to warm your vehicle and run it long enough to recharge your vehicle battery. Slightly open downwind window for ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

4.  Keep the snow clear from your exhaust pipe to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning!

5.  Your vehicle is now a survival tool.  Think logically... not emotionally. If you have the Roadster or Roadster Premium Stay Alive kit use your knife to cut out upholstery foam from a part of the vehicle you are not using.  If you need to... cut the rear area ceiling covering to drop down and separate the front of your vehicle from the rear.  Use the foam from back seat upholstery as a barricade from the front of the vehicle to the back as well.  Your front seat is now your "cave".  It will build up and hold heat much better than heating your entire vehicle. 

                                                         Upholstery and vehicle interior can be replaced, you can't.

6.  If you have a candle, light it.  The amount of warmth generated from a candle can be amazing.

7.  Pile on clothing.  Having layers of clothing helps trap warm air that keeps your body warm.

8.  Use an emergency blanket, if you have one.  It reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you.  That's like having a blanket that gives off over 98 degree F. heat!

9.  Keep your blood flowing by moving and exercising in your vehicle.  This will also keep you from falling asleep.

10.  Huddle together for warmth.

11.  Use items in your vehicle, such as maps, newspapers, car mats, etc. to wrap around you.

In the Roadster and Roadster Premium we have provided excellent items such as candles, matches, emergency blankets (which reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you), candies along with other items to help you survive a blizzard or severe cold weather in your vehicle.