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Chlor-Floc Water Purification Powder clarifies and disinfects naturally polluted water eliminating viruses, Giardia, Bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. Treats 8 Gallons.  Chlor-Floc Water Purification Powder is one of the more effective water treatment solutions on the market today.  Chlor-Floc is currently in use by the U.S. Army. Each package contains 30 packets of fast acting powder.  This is enough to treat 30 liters (33 quarts) of polluted water.  One 600 mg packet provides 1.4% available chlorine and flocculating agents for the clarification and disinfection of 1 liter of water from polluted sources at temperatures of 77F. At colder temperatures, two packets are recommended.  See more details in PDF for download.

Barrel Cactus

                                                                        Beach Well

At the beach, look for small rivers and streams entering from land to sea. If no fresh water appears available-
    a. Find sand dune close to ocean
    b. Go on shore side of sand dune
    c. Look for vegetation on shore side of sand dune
    d. Dig for water - down enough until you reach moist sand
    e. Allow water to accumulate
    f. Scoop TOP PORTION of water. Bottom portion will be salty. Salt is heavier than water and will sink to the bottom. Top portion of water should be safe for drinking.

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Winter Conditions

See FREE PDF Download Guide for detailed information.

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Extracting Water from Vegetation

Banana & Plantain Trees

Cut off top of barrel cactus and mash or squeeze pulp.
Without a machete, cutting into a cactus is challenging and a lot of time will be taken due to the long and sharp spines along with the tough rind.

CAUTION: Do not eat pulp. Place pulp in mouth, suck juice and discard pulp.

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Water Procurement

Cut down tree and leave 11 inches (30 centimeter) stump. Scoop out center of stump forming a bowl.  Water from roots will fill bowl.  Discard the first 3 fillings due to bitterness of water.  Water will be supplied for 4 days from stump.  Cover to avoid insects gathering in bowl.

Fortunately when extracting water from plants, the impurities are already filtered out for you by the plants absorption process.  When water evaporates from the leaves it is referred to as transpiration.  This water can be collected.  No harm is done to the plant and the process can be repeated multiple times on different branches.  This process works relatively quickly. 


Melt snow or ice

    a. It's best to melt ice in a container over a fire. Ice is more dense and actually melts faster than snow.  Snow is mostly air and it takes a lot of snow to equal the same amount as ice will produce.  Ice also uses less energy/fuel from a fire or stove to melt. 

    b. Add hot water or hot rocks to speed melting process

    c. When melting with body heat, place water proof container between layers of clothing NOT next to skin