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The Global Survival Industries Stay Alive Kits are designed for the user in mind.  The kit components have multiple uses.

1. Emergency Blanket; reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you and is waterproof and windproof.  The emergency blanket can be used as a signaling device as well due to its reflectivity along with using it in your lean to as the ceiling as a water barrier and heat reflector.  It has been witnessed that two lean to's with a camp fire in the center and emergency blankets used as the ceiling in the lean to's, the temperature reached 120 °F when it was 20 °F outside.  

2. Distress Whistle; strong light weight aluminum which is not fragile like some other whistles on the market.  Other advantages of the Stay Alive Kit pea less whistle is its cylinder shape and there is no pea to break or freeze in cold temperatures which would render a pea type whistle useless.  It takes less air and energy to effectively use the Stay Alive cylinder shape whistle as opposed to other flat pea less whistles on the market.    

 3.  Match Book; has a silver reflective cover which can be used as a signaling device along with a QR code which brings smart phone users directly to our web site for Stay Alive/Survival Tips.

4.  Fire Striker; has a silver reflective cover which can be used as a signaling device.  The fire striker can be filled with lighter fluid which can be used to start the wick on the metal match.  If the metal match wick does not ignite, that's okay... the metal match showers sparks from the Ferrocerium rod on the side of the fire striker which can ignite fuel sources with 3,000 °F (1,650 °C) sparks.

5.  Fire Pad; this unique fire starter burns up to 10 inches tall and two inches across for 7-9 minutes.  Just tear half way into the pad and light.

6.  Fire Rope; separates into three separate pieces and each piece separates more to give you fine fibers coated with a special wax which causes it to catch fire quickly and burn longer.  This is great tinder to get your fire started.

7.  Cotton Balls; petroleum jelly impregnated to aid in fire starting, use on face for wind burn, chapped lips, helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns and common rashes.

8.  Silicone Bands; are great for use as restricting bands on snake bitten limbs, bleeding control and building an A frame shelter by using it to join three sticks together then spread them out creating an "A" while placing the third stick perpendicular supporting the "A".  Add other sticks as ribs and place leaves and or tree boughs starting with base then building up layering. Build three feet thick for water runoff.

9.  Signal Mirror Card; made with illustration directions on the back along with our QR code for reference to survival techniques on our website.  Flash an aircraft and sweep the horizon to signal for help.  This card is excellent for scraping bee stingers out of the skin along with splinters as well.  

10.  Metal Container; polished and reflective to use as a signaling device, cooking,  use as a water purifying vessel, digging and moving hot coals and of course, to carry your Stay Alive kit components.  

11.  Waxed Cord; 20 feet of valuable wax impregnated cord resists the assault from weather and is valuable in shelter building by the wax on the cord sticking to itself when tying knots.  Hold the knot in place as you tighten the cord down.  The cord can be deployed by pulling the red tip and cupping the cord with your other hand.  Cord can be deployed one handed as well.  The special wrapping of the cord will keep it from knotting and binding as you deploy it for use.  The separated strands can be used as dental floss as well.

12.  Knife; small, lightweight compact serrated and straight edge.  This knife is small and meant for fine work in a bind but very effective for field use.

13.  Candies; great when you need sugar for instant energy and comforting flavor.

14.  Light Sticks; when you can't see your hand in front of your face, these light sticks are surprisingly bright and give off enough glow for you to do what you need to do at night.  

15.  Bouillon Cube; soothing treat with great salt replenishment of the body.  

16.  Elastic Hair Band; during fire making hair in your way can be a hazard and rather annoying.  Use as a small constricting band for bites and wounds along with keeping a small bundle of kindling and tinder together and dry.

17.  Fishing Line;  strong 40-50 lb professional fishing line.  This line can be used to aid in building shelters due to its strength and as a means to suturing wounds.

18.  Fishing Hooks; #8 baitholder style fish hooks aid in keeping your fish on the hook once caught.  We know how valuable a food source fish is and how disappointing it is when the fish gets off its hook.  These hooks come pre-bated for you.

19.  Fish Bait; excellent power bait used by sport fishermen.

20.  Reusable Sinkers;  hold the bait under water and can be used to keep the emergency blanket attached to the 20 foot cord for shelter purposes, then can be removed and reused.

21.  Fishing Ring;  attach to end of a tree branch which you are going to use as a fishing pole and run fishing line through it.  Also attach it to your Distress Whistle and use a section of waxed cord as a lanyard to keep your Distress Whistle around your neck for immediate use.